The First Review for Guild Wars 2 Leveling Guide Reference

     If you want to be the best in any MMO  game, you will need support. This is the pushing force for players such as I who thoroughly researches for the best online guide available on the internet. Presenting with different online Guild Wars 2 leveling guide, I found out one game guide who stands out from the rest: GuildWars2-LevelingGuide. I’ve been using this guide since it was released  in 2013. In anticipation for Arena Net’s Guild Wars 2 launch, Guild Wars 2-LevelingGuide and Gold Making Guide has the best guides now available for purchase.

    I bought the Guild Wars 2 Leveling Guide  and I was instantly able to download my purchased item. Please remember that products released by those publishers are the best you can find on the market. Reading over twenty pages of proof, I skimmed through the chapters to find a part regarding the Ranger’s pets. Currently I’m playing the Ranger and Engineer class and I’m having issues finding the best pet with good DPS. After reading the Guild Wars 2 Leveling Guide, the guide showed me with a table of every pet (in ten pet races) nothing down their DPS. The Best of the recommendations was using the Jaguar. Frankly, I read through the author’s clarification why the Jaguar would be a Ranger’s best pet. After testing it , I was amazed by the easier duels my Jaguar and I faced. Skill rotations, racking in experience points were actually really fun! I was the best! Next I paid more attention  more on the traits and rotations. I didn’t want to spend my trait points and reset them later because I have to pay Guild Wars 2 gold for that. Reading through the chapter, I applied the trait points accordingly. As of the moment I’m using a Guardian which is very good at tanking in PVE. Next I headed out to test some of the skill rotations in the GuildWars2-LevelingGuide. I will say this directly: the step by step skill rotations were pretty good! At the beginning I was wondering why I had to use this specific skill on this specific mob. As I continuously used the skill I began to realize how effective it really was. There was not only one skill rotation but the author of GuildWars2 leveling guide  wrote out over ten skill rotations. If one doesn’t work, use the next one from Guild Wars 2 Leveling Guide. Through this method alone, I found several skill rotations which I can use at any time without wasting time thinking of what should I use next.

Reading through the Guild Wars 2 Leveling Guide, everything is in awesome. However, I do have some minor criticisms with this guide. It doesn’t necessarily deal with the content itself but I was searching forward to a more visual guide. For example, some maps or images to show where to go rather than being directed with words. I can handle it.

What’s my overall grade for this Guild Wars 2 Leveling Guide ? I give this guide and A++ grade. The content was well written and well made. All the chapters I wanted to know were covered in the Guild Wars 2 Leveling Guide. Starting off with leveling strategies, talent builds to step-by-step ideas. Another successful guide released by ! For new players thinking about trying and buying Guilds Wars 2, I highly recommend GuildWars2-LevelingGuide. You can read more about their product here.